We enable entrepreneurship

fram^ Venture Building is an alternative and proven approach to early stage company building and investing. Together with outstanding teams of founders, we are founding and building new companies based on a systematic selection process for business models. Our team empowers our ventures with deep operational and financial support and has over 60 years of track record from global leaders such as McKinsey, Ericsson, BCG, Kinnevik, Lazada, Cevian Capital, Tele2, Bima and much more.

Investment screening

fram^ Investment Committee screens a long list of potential business models to invest in 2-4 times per month. Typically 10-30 business models discussed per meeting and not more than 1 in 100 are selected. fram^ has its sweet spot in consumer, insurance and finance.


fram^ provides ventures and founding team with enough capital to build the company during its first 18-24 months. After that fram^ can both retain ownership as a long term holder or continue as investor alongside new entrants.


fram^ requires all of its ventures to reach significant revenues within the first half year. From there the venture must prove an ability to scale its business and operations to a level of enough substance to get be ready to prove profitability within 24 months.

The fram^ Venture Builder so far

The team behind fram^ has started and built large companies with significant value from scratch. The Chairman or fram^ was CEO & Co-founder for Lazada Vietnam for first three years. Lazada Group was later sold to Ali Baba Group at a valuation of 3.2 bnUSD. The CEO of fram^ has founded and built the insurance company Bima on Sri Lanka to 300 employees and profitability.

The fram^ Venture Builder is still in its early days. However, we have already had the opportunity to start two companies that we took all the way to carving them out and transferring the venture builder’s ownership to the shareholders of fram^. Our first two companies are named Pangara and Intrepid. Read more about them below.

Pangara Vietnam

Premium online marketplace for top ranked South East Asian IT developers (pre-tested by Pangara). Two external rounds of investment raised (in total ca 2 mUSD raised externally). Founded early 2015 by Fram^

Intrepid Vietnam

Ecommerce services and marketplace partner for the leading e-commerce marketplaces in South East Asia. Over 100 B2B clients on the platform after 9 months. Founded in late 2016 by Fram^

Carmudi Vietnam

Leading car classifieds site in Vietnam with few hundred thousand listings in total and millions of pageviews per month. Founded by Rocket Internet in 2014 and recently acquired by Fram^ in 2017. The new management team has set the target to aggressively increase both traffic and revenue by several times in 2018.

“The companies we build in the fram^ venture builder are forged by hard work, perseverance and creativity.”

— Christopher Beselin, Chairman
Intrepid Vietnam

“Building Intrepid from scratch inside and in collaboration with the team at fram^ has been an intense and ultra high-pace experience. Looking back, I’m amazed when I see what Intrepid has become In such short period of time since company foundation.”

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Max Bergman
CEO & Co-founder
Skype: max_g_bergman
Chris Beselin
Skype: christopher.beselin