About fram^

fram^ is a leading Swedish-Vietnamese company that offers IT Development services and builds Digital Consumer Brands. fram^ has offices in central District 1 in Saigon, as well as Danang, Vietnam. Currently, fram^ employs over 50 people, growing rapidly.

fram^ starts, builds and invests in digital consumer brands with proven business models. We provide deep operational support to founders and help them build market-leading companies. In our Scandinavian styled offices in central Saigon, we give these teams an energizing and inspiring first home. In addition, fram^ is active within software development within its Standing Teams division. Today, fram^ delivers world class IT development services to a range of small, mid and large clients in both Southeast Asia and Northern Europe (e.g. Samsung, Bubbleroom, Hansoft and Publicis Group). Our ability to build world class teams of IT engineers has a natural synergetic fit with the Digital Consumer Brands business segment.

The board and management team of fram^ has founded, built and lead market leading businesses both in Europe and in Southeast Asia. Investment committee with over 60 years of track record of building successful companies in emerging markets, with long tenures from Lazada, Bima, Kinnevik, McKinsey, Cevian Capital, BCG, Rocket Internet, and Ericsson

The history of fram^ dates back to the year 1893…

Fridtjof Nansen was a Norwegian explorer who 1893 sailed on an expedition to be the first human to reach the North Pole.

In the face of much discouragement from other polar explorers, Nansen took his ship, Fram (the name means “forward” in Swedish and Norwegian), to the eastern Arctic Ocean, froze the ship into the pack ice, and waited for the drift to carry her towards the pole.

Impatient with the slow speed and erratic character of the drift, after 18 months Nansen and a chosen companion, Hjalmar Johansen, left the ship with a team of dogs and sledges and head for the pole…

Just like Nansen, fram^ aspires to reach amazing achievements by approaching our industry in a way matched by no other